“Die a little” by Yungblud

13 Reasons why Soundtrack (Interscope) 2019

“Does she” by Yuna featuring Jay Park

Rouge (Verve/Universal) 2019

“Neil Armstrong” by Common Kings

Single (Island Empire) 2019

“From here who knows” by The Chain Gang Of 1974

Single 2019

“On my way” by Henry Fong featuring Rome

Single (Spinnin) 2019

“The Therapist” by Foreign Air

Single 2019

“Born to fight” by Karise Eden

Born to fight (Universal) 2018

*Grammy Nomination For Best Reggae Album 2017 Lost In Paradise by Common Kings

"Black & White" by DREAMERS

Launch (Hollywood) 2018

"Hushh" by Aviva

Single (Warner Bros/Australia) 2018

"Anything can happen" by Tim Legend

Single (Ultra) 2018

“Eyes like guns” by Against The Current

Past Lives (Atlantic) 2018

"Sade" by Ryder 

Single 2018

"American sign language" by Mourners

Single 2018

"Casualty" by Anti-Flag

American Fall (Spinefarm/Universal) 2017

"Driveway" by Culpriit

Single (Spinnin) 2017

"Quicksand" Feat. Colin Dieden by Tim Legend

Single (Ultra) 2017

 "Painkiller" "Wolves" "Never too late to dance" by DREAMERS
This Album Does Not Exist (Hollywood) 2016

"Livin the dream" by Tritonal

Painting with dreams(Enhanced Music) 2016

"Just because" by Blonder

Single (300) 2017

"Lost in paradise" "Everybody wants to fool the world" "Mary wanna" by Common Kings  

Lost in paradise (Island Empire) 2017

"Who what when where why" by Kalie Shorr

Awake 2018

"Diamond girl" by Set It Off                                                                                                                                    Upside Down (Equal Vision) 2017

"Boombox" by Laura Marano                                                                                                                                  Single (Big Machine) 2016

"IOU" by Annabel Jones
Libelle (Atlantic) 2016

"Old guitar" by BUNT.                                                                                                                                      Single (Interscope) 2016

“Sleepwalking” by The Chain Gang Of 1974
Daydream Forever (Warner Bros) 2014

"Song for you” feat. Karmin by Big Time Rush
24/Seven (Columbia/Nickelodeon) 2013

"My dick" by 3oh!3
Night Sports (Fueled by Ramen/Atlantic) 2015

"Wild life" by Jack & Jack

"Cold hearted" by Jack and Jack

“Utopia” by Moon Boots Feat. Janelle Kroll

“Made for me” by Artist Vs. Poet                                                                                                                          Sake Of Love 2014


-13 Reasons Why

-The Blacklist

-Coca Cola

-Rockstar Games presents Grand Theft Auto 5(Commercial & In-game)

-MTVs WakeBrothers

-CW’s Vampire Diaries

-ABC’s We Are Men

-CWs 90210


-The North Face

-Fox Sports

-ESPN’s SportsCenter

-CBS Criminal Minds

-MTV's Awkward

-NBC’s Bad Judge